Welcome to 2018

Welcome to my blog and Happy 2018!

My name is Bill Ballard and I am a photographer based in Savannah, GA and Green Cove Springs, FL. My wife and I are sailors and live aboard our 34' sailboat full time. Currently, we are 'Hurricane Irma' refugees and in Savannah while repairs are being made to our boat. (We were in Marathon, FL, in the Florida Keys, when Irma came through.) Prior to moving aboard our boat, Savannah was our home for over 15 years. I have been photographing the nude female figure for 20 years or so. My work has been featured in many gallery exhibitions, and in various group and solo shows. In addition to nudes, I also enjoy street and documentary photography, as well as landscape and travel photography. My photographic background includes professional fashion, portrait, and event photography. Weddings? I shot two, and that was two too many.

Christa, at West Hall Street, 2011

I'll also share images here which are not in the web galleries. As you can see, the emphasis of my work is artistic nude and erotic photography of the female figure and form. If nude and erotic photography, artistic or otherwise, is not your cup of tea kindly seek your offenses elsewhere. Your comments and input on the work are welcomed, with two caveats: first and foremost, keep your comments civil. I welcome constructive and informative criticism and discussions of my work. Criticism or rude comments are not welcome when or if they are directed at the model. Second, please do not share any of my photographs without asking and receiving my written permission to do do. Thank you.

On my old blog, I generally kept the posts photography oriented, and plan to do the same here. I'm also something of a 'camera-geek-nerd' so consider yourself forewarned. The work you see on my site is a mix of film and digital, shot over the last two decades. For most of that time, I shot with SLR film and DSLR bodies, as well as a variety of medium-format film cameras. In 2015, I transitioned to the Fujifilm X system of mirrorless fixed-lens cameras, specifically the Fuji X100 and the new Fuji X100F. It is an awesome system. You can read more about these amazing cameras here. New work will be added as it is created and I will share images here, some of which have not been shown before.

As you've likely noticed, I much prefer monochromatic images - black and white - over color. For image editing I use Adobe Light Room and Photo Shop on a 15" MacBook Pro laptop. I am also starting to play around with the MacPhun Creative Kit suite of plug-ins. The suite includes plug-ins for black and white processing, alternative processing simulations, and others. I'll share my thoughts on these plug-ins later, but they look promising, particularly their noise-reduction plug-in, NoiseLess.

Begininning with 2018, I am offering Boudoir Photography services for those who want to model, but want their pictures kept private. Please see my Boudoir page for more information. Also, find and follow me on Instagram.

Please say hello and let me know you're here! Drop me a line either by leaving a comment or via the contact form on the site. I'd love to know how you found my site, and your thoughts on my photography. If you like my photography, please consider showing your support by clicking here. I hope you'll check back frequently.

More posts to follow. Thanks again for stopping by.