NEW! Boudior Photography Services

Over the years, I have had a fair number of women approach me to pose for my work - but only under the condition that their images would be kept private - essentially, for their own personal use. This created something of a problem for me as all of these prospective models would have been fantastic to work with in expanding my portfolio. However, my emphasis with the work has always been to make sure it was seen, that it was out there in the public eye, for better or worse. For a large majority of my time working with nudes, the work has been exhibited by one or more galleries, sometimes in long-term exhibitions. How could I justify taking the time and cost to shoot a model, edit the pictures, but then not put the work out there?



For a long time, I knew the answer to this was to add Boudoir Photography to my working repertoire. The thing is, I always saw a lot of the Boudoir work being done as, if I'm honest, not very good. Cheesy even. We've all seen the images: models wrapped in caution tape to mimic a bikini; or the model in an ill fitted bra and panty, in a garage or tool shed, orange from a failed spray-on tan; or the model in gaudy, fluorescent lingerie, overly made up, and sprawled in a not so flatteringly manner on a bed of wrinkled sheets scattered with rose petals. I suppose those images have their place in the world. But for me, that's not my style and not what I want for my work.

Perhaps it's been a long time coming. After consulting with trusted friends, many of whom are models and photographers, I've decided to create and offer my own style of Boudoir Photography. Artistic, erotic, and sensual is what I'm after in my work, images that reflect the natural beauty and sensuality of the woman in the frame. Simple and elegant, as sexy and erotic or coy and reserved as she wants them to be. And, they're all hers and hers alone.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment here or drop me a line and let me know you've found me. And of course, please visit my Boudoir Photography page for more information! I hope to hear from you soon!