Interested in Being a Model for my Work?

I am always looking for female models for my photography projects.

No modeling experience is required; in fact, the majority of women I photograph are not professional models. They are ordinary, beautiful people from all walks of life. Some model only once, and others find that they enjoy the experience and continue modeling for me and other artists. I work with all body types, from slim and slender to plus-size and curvy. In fact, I prefer models with an interesting story to tell over the standard and generic 'model' type. I will provide references upon request.

Nudity is necessary for the majority of my projects. Some portion of each session will likely include the use of fabric drapes, lingerie, sheer clothing, etc. Other projects may not require full nudity, but could require topless or bottomless posing and may also include the use of fabric drapes, lingerie, sheer clothing, etc.

Of course, all prospective models must be at least 18 years of age or older. Records to document proof of age are kept as required by law.  A Model Release, which gives me your permission to use your images is also required. All modeling records are kept in secured electronic storage.

Models are compensated by TFP, or Trade for Print. To be clear, there is no expectation for you to model in exchange for one or two 8X10 prints from your session. In exchange for your time as a model, I will provide you with ALL images from your session with full and unlimited copyrights to the images. The images are yours to do with as you please; sell, gift, whatever. I'll also edit up to 10 images from your session, again for your full and unlimited use.

I like to have a short pre-shoot meeting at some public spot; a coffee shop, bookstore cafe, or someplace similar. This allows us to get acquainted, take care of paperwork and iron out shoot details, giving us more time for photography during the session. And, I'll buy you a coffee or tea.

I typically work alone, although occasionally I have a female assistant working with me in the shoot. If you would like for a female assistant to be present for your session, I will be happy to make the arrangements.

I am not seeking male models.

If you're interested in modeling for my photography projects, or have any questions about modeling, please contact me with 'Modeling' in the subject line.  I hope to hear from you soon!